Back To School - Back to... basics?

It's back to School time! And although my kids are too young (yet!) to go to school, I can feel the struggle and the relief amongst many parents as the summer season comes to an end...

Now, as the return to schools is high on the social media agenda... I have also seen an increase number of posts of psychologists, parental authorities and parent in general, sharing how to be a nice friend, how making mockery of your colleagues is not cool and how hurting somebody else's feelings should not be celebrated but condemned. On which I totally agree!

So, this had me thinking... why are these children behaving like this? what sort of messages are they receiving and how are we behaving, as a society, to make them think this is in any way acceptable? So I looked back at a good-old friend... the TV! More precisely, the content children watch, from a very young age, on TV.

My children are obsessed with 2 movies: Moana and Frozen. 

I gotta come out clean: I am a Disney LOVER. Always have, always will. In fact, my first job was working at the PR department with them and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier! But, that’s a story for another time ;) 

My point is, I know I am skewed as I love the company and it’s content, but, as I grew older, I stopped seeing the message hidden between them, or maybe not so hidden but wasn’t my focus anymore. I more saw them as cute stories with good animation.

Now, watching them with my kids brought a different perspective, for once, I am like a hawk! If they watch something I wanna know what it is and I wanna know what it’s telling them! But also observing their reactions and what they make / take away from them. Are they as simple as we (adults) think they are? What thoughts or messages do they bring to our future generations? 

I know these 2 movies have had their share bit of “bad news”. Frozen was slammed by the critics (parents and kids loved it tho!) and Moana passed through cinema screens pretty lightly...however, having now watched them gazillion times...I can say I am an utter fan and sponsor of both! 

Here’s why: they support children uniqueness, encourage them to not shy away from it but embrace and celebrate it. They tell them to listen to their hearts and follow their gut instinct, to discover themselves and their personalities and understand that, although we are all different, we are all the same. We are all connected, we are a result of those who came before us and this who’ll come after us.

They also teach that love, in any shape or form, moves the world. Love inspire us, gives us strength and makes us happier, more grounded people. 

How many times do we, as adults, to be reminded of this? How many times do we seek advice, an ear ready to listen? And how much easier would be if, as adults, we started telling these things to our children (and ourselves!) instead of waiting for a movie studio to do so? 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we also preached with the same passion all those messages and created a future where being different was not a threat but something to be celebrated? 

Let’s not be scared of who we are, what we do and how we feel. Let’s open up to the world, show our true colours and be proud and happy of them. 

Let’s be more Disney 

Love, and keep dreaming

Lucía x