Summer is here! and so are the many posts, ads giving advice and to’s and best of’s to start or push through your detox diet. 

I for once decided to join the movement and go on a detox diet.... of social media.

I declare myself a social media addict. First thing I did when I woke up in the morning? Checked Facebook. Ad break while watching Telly? Oh, perfect timing to check the very many super important Facebook updates too. Commute to work you say? What a better thing to do than check Instagram and be pic inspired?
Relaxing on the sofa? Oh, go on then, the phone is just so handy and a click and a few scrolls won't hurt....

I've heard people talking about the stress notifications caused them, the fear of missing out, the importance to be in the knowledge / loop (I call it free and consented stalking....) and how the world would probably stop if they stop scrolling...
And that gave me the Goosebumps! Because I started thinking: what if I am one of those too and I just don't know it?!
I knew my social media consumption had increased since I had my kids, too many hours to kill while breastfeeding and the chats at 3am in the morning when you're wide awake helped... so I started to pay more attention to my habits and so I realised that I spent a big chunk of my day just "killing time", it was like a learnt behaviour, something automatic. And sometimes I wasn't even looking at what I was scrolling!

It became a Toxic Habit.

So, I decided that I would be more mindful and minimise the time I spend there, and oh boy what a relief it has been!

Turns out I haven’t missed out on anything, except all the lovely real things that were happening around me!

I am also a freer, happier woman, as I stopped comparing myself with others, wasting precious time allowing me to focus on what really mattered: living a life I’ve chosen, with its ups and downs, but perfect to me.

Detecting these toxic habits is hard, for you are really not aware of them to begin with, but here are a few signs to look for to help you detect them:

  1. They make you feel down: Whether this is checking your feed, eating a far too big portion of food or meeting up with "that" person, you realise after performing that action that it has given you nothing, you’re as bad or worse than you were when you started doing it.
  2. Your energy drops: When you get caught in these behaviours you feel drained, overly tired, exhausted.
  3. Negative focus: Because you feel bad, your focus starts to shift towards the things that are going wrong in your life, this fills you with negativity.
  4. Regret: You know you shouldn’t do it yet you can’t avoid it, and once you’ve done it you’re full of regret.

But, do not worry, habits are not set in stone! With a wiling, can-do attitude and some work they can be changed and once you do you feel like flying!

Sometimes you need to stop these for good, sometimes is just a matter of readjusting or limiting your exposure to them. But good news is that is doable, and it doesn’t need to be as hard as you think.

Do you want t know how? Then, head over to the link below and listen to our podcast 3 Talk - Ep 8. Toxic Patterns - where we cover this and give some good tips and tools to get you back on track! And enjoy the life you were destined to, to its fullest! :)

Love, and keep dreaming
Lucia x