Let me tell you the story of when I did some DIY magic.... I upcycled a coffee table (that I somehow managed to spoil by spilling an ink cartridge all over it.... how I did that is another story!)
Anyway, the point is that, as I was working my way through it, I started thinking how similar this was to what happens in our lives.

You see? When we are born, we are a whole, perfect, untouched human being, and as we begin our journey in life we accumulate experiences. Some bring us joy and happiness, some are challenging and leave us dented.
And when this happens we all think it's the end, "the worst", honestly, nothing worse could ever happen to us; yet somehow, we do manage to survive and not only we do so, we learn, we move forward, we make ourselves stronger.

We don't tend to look back and see how we did it, we just carry on.

Now, as I was sanding the surface of my table, taking the ink away and bringing the wood back to life I realized how beautiful it was. And that it always had been. It never stopped being a beautiful perfectly functional coffee table, I just stopped seeing it as such because all I could see was the mistake I made that spoilt it all.

So here is my learning: when we treat things with care and affection, when we dedicate time to look after them and care we can bring back the life we thought was lost.

I thought I just polished the surface, painted it and varnished it.... or maybe I just showered it with love, trust and enthusiasm.

Maybe all that is needed is to love the surface, the base, the roots....and to dedicate time, put some effort and focus on what matters, enhance what's already there and realise we can be better, we can challenge and improve ourselves, but we must respect and cherish who we are.

Similar to what the Japanese do when they repair their broken objects – a method called Kintsugi. This method celebrates each piece’s unique history by emphasizing its fractures and breaks instead of hiding or disguising them. So not only it’s put back together but it’s done in a celebratory way, to remember that what broke it also made it stronger and more beautiful.

By loving ourselves, our imperfections included, we let our inner strength and beauty flourish and shine.

How about you? How are you celebrating your uniqueness? What are you doing to flourish and shine?

Love, and keep dreaming
Lucia x