Happiness is in the moment

Ever wondered how people manage to wake up on a daily basis and smile? How on earth with all that is going on they still manage to find a positive way? Well, wonder no more, these are people that know that the happiness is not a destination, happiness is a journey and is in the little things.

I was watching Letters to Juliette, and there's a moment where two characters are having a discussion, it goes roughly like this: one of them asks why they can't skip the messy bits and get to the happy ending, to which the other character replies "but my darling, life IS the messy bits!"

What a wonderful revelation and affirmation that was!!

Let me paint you the picture: What happens if you're hungry and all you have to do is say it so a plate appears in front of you? You'll never get to appreciate the effort that someone has put into that meal to be produced, the combination of flavours, the steps required, the time it takes to cook or the amount of ingredients needed. Means you'll never really understand what a meal is and why it is important to appreciate it.

Same goes with everything in life. If you were to wake up one day and open your eyes to what you think is your final, dreamt destination, do you think you'll appreciate it and be as fond of it as you'd be if you have had to work for it? No, you wouldn't.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for trouble or challenges to be thrown my way every day, but I do appreciate things more when I have had to roll my sleeves up and get my hands dirty to get them. Because I have gone through the process, I have understood and seen everything it takes to get there, I have learnt to appreciate it before I even got it.

If you spend your life waiting for the right moment to come, finding yourself saying "I'll be happy when this happens...." then you'll always be living in the future, a time that you can't control nor influence if you don't do anything in your present.

You'll also be missing out on the lovely messy bits… like a smile, a cuddle, a joke that makes you laugh out loud till your belly aches, the 'I love yous', the tears of joy, seeing your team win or the lay-ins on a Saturday morning…

Appreciating the small things takes just a bit of effort… but it can be done, and when you do, life is so much joyous!

So, let me ask you again: Are you enjoying your messy bits?

Love, and keep dreaming
Lucia x