Throw back Thursday, even tho is Saturday... but this memory popped in very clearly so thought I'd share!

I was sitting in the morning, enjoying the first few minutes of the day, sipping my cup of coffee and looking at my bump, which was growing bigger and bigger as the arrival of the little one was imminent, and I couldn’t help but surrender.

I surrendered to it all: the silence, the first lights of the day coming through the window, the smell of the coffee, the kicks, and the LOVE.

I had been meditating for a while then, always a new experience, always something different. I still am not the best at this, and I didn’t want to be either because what mattered was the feelings I got in doing so. And these past few months love, peace and calm is what I had.
And what a joy it was!

Allowing myself to feel these things, to give in and just let them flow was the most liberating and rewarding thing I have probably done in my life.
I let everything come in willingly, learning from the downs, enjoying the ups.

It’s not that I don’t care about things anymore, I do, very much so and very passionately as I’ve always done; but since then I have learnt to pick my battles, I have learnt to value what matters, what takes priority, and in doing so, I have freed myself from the chains of the “what ifs”, “should haves” and “musts”.

I connected my heart and head and let them sing in sync, and I felt powerful, inspired and capable of achieving anything I put my mind into.

Love has given me wings to fly, listening and following my heart is not always easy, but daring to do so and take the steps needed to do so has shown me amazing things can happen.

For when you listen to your heart you are connecting to your source, you’re connecting to the Universe, and the Universe has a mysterious way of looking after those who dare giving their hearts a voice.

Love, and keep dreaming
Lucia x