"Sad to see you go"

I recently heard someone saying a person had left the company, and they were all very sad to see her go.

Perhaps people think this is the done thing, that’s what you would say when someone leaves right? But then I let that sink in and I thought “what a beautiful thought to leave with”

And here’s the thing, we should all strive for a life where, when we go, people will wholeheartedly say “we are very sad to see you go”, because they’ve enjoyed our company, because we’ve made a difference, because we’ve been impactful and left a mark on those we’ve touched.

Love whatever you do, love who you are and what you’re about to do, because life is too short for living it dully. Embrace it!

I don’t care what you do as long as you do it wholeheartedly.

Are you a chef? Fantastic! Cook a delicious meal, something that will not only fill tummies but hearts.

Are you a carer? Marvellous! Look after that person with all the love you can, so his/her day is filled with love and attention and goes to bed at night looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

Are you a CEO? Wonderful! Make sure you lead by example, that you’re someone your team wants to look up to and dream to become one day.

Do whatever you do with kindness, with heart and with passion, do it so whenever you leave the room people will say we’re very sad to see you go

You heard it time and time and perhaps that wears its meaning off, but darlings, life IS short, we’re only here for a little while, we only get one chance - this is no rehearsal, is the real deal.

So we’ve got two choices, either we wake up every morning loving what awaits for us in the next 24h or you wake up and you call me to help you change it.

Love, and keep dreaming
Lucia x