Surviving (and thriving!) in adverse times

Oh man, crazy times we are going through right now. 

Covid19 came what feels almost overnight and changed our worlds, turned them upside down. 

Too many things to get our heads around to: not being able to see or hug those we love, not being able to go out (in some places not at all, here in the UK we can still go out once a day for our exercise fix), working from home, kids at home, and losing those we love too....

Too many emotions are coming up to the surface: fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, frustration... and to be honest, what I am seeing the most: uncertainty. 

The not knowing: when this is going to end, how it is going to end, what will our worlds be when all this is over....  

That's the bit that somehow takes the most adjusting to, not being able to control this situation. And that's something that got me thinking 

I may not be able to control this situation, but I am able to control how I react to it

I can control several things within this, I can control the way I react to some things, and the way I act upon some others. I may not be able to leave the house, but what I do inside it is up to me. And that is the key thing to understand here: what we do, how we do it, is up to us. Nobody, not even this nasty virus, can tell us how to do it. 

Choose to see the brighter side of it (and yes, I mean it). Even amidst this uncertainty and adversity, we can choose to be positive, we can choose to thrive. 

I am choosing to see it:

  • I am choosing to see the opportunity of not having to commute for 6h a day to and from work as an opportunity to catch up on my sleep, to spend more time with my family, to be able to see them every day, put my kids to bed and have breakfast with them. 
  • I am choosing to spend those down hours (if they can be called so!) as an opportunity to ramp up my exercise routine. Something that is possible as many other people are being extra kind, loving and understanding and offering online fitness programs at discounted prices or free! So I now exercise for abut 45 min pretty much every day! And let me tell you, this is working wonders for my energy, mood and my soul!
  • I am choosing to spend this time taking things in, slowly. Appreciating the little things, the laughs, not running around. Hearing the birds singing, sitting outside and having lunch with my family. Calling those, near and far, with whom I wish I could spend more time with, those I miss, those I love

It is all a matter of perspective, of actively looking for the bright side, for the positivity. And I know it's easy, but it is possible. 

Ask yourself, which approach, which way am I going to make the most of this? By sitting still and wishing the time to pass, or by acknowledging what is happening, accepting it and deciding to make the most of what I got?

If you choose the latter, I have created a guide and toolkit with a few tips and tools to help you get there! You can download it here:

and I hope it brings you some calm, peace, positivity and perspective. I hope it helps you clear the fog and see the light. I hope it encourages you to take control. I hope it helps you being happier. 

If it does, I hope you share! Don't keep these tips to yourself, this is a time to help each other, to come together, to support each other :)

Cause even on the darkest days, the sun comes out. 

Much love and positivity to you all. Warm hugs. Stay safe, stay sane.

Lucia x