The dreadful commute

Lately, on my commute through the city, I have started to take my eyes off my book or phone and (dare!) to look up and around and I have realised how those people who I managed to make eye contact with for a split second (or the majority of them) were immediately intimidated, they looked around as if they've done something wrong; until I just smiled at them.... want to know the surprising thing? 90% of them relaxed and smiled back!

That got me thinking, do we live in a society where blame and fear strike at the first chance? Are we afraid to be ourselves? To acknowledge one another? Is it better to stay focused on your book and keep your head down?

Does it have to be this way? Or could we live in a world where we could be free? Free to smile, free to look around, free of having to run around, free of having to be superior or inferior, free of labels and prejudices, free of fear so we can be just…. ourselves.

When we show kindness and love we are frequently greeted back with them, the fact that I got a smile back or a nod or a softened expression after I have smiled to any of those individuals proves so.

So, here's to you smilers out there, I encourage, no, I summon you to be the shining light in the train or tube today. Be the daring smiley person in the carriage that gifts a precious smile away, be the one that makes the commuters' day and see what a positive knock-on effect it has on you.

And to all of you reading this, let me set you a challenge: do not say the word "no" for the next 24 hours. Try saying "yes", "yes and" … try turning negatives into positives (or at least "maybes") instead of closing doors with a 'no'. Let's feel free to spread the love and affection, irradiate positive vibes and transpire happiness so everyone that is in our catching area is affected by them. Let's be that source of power that touches the lives of many and transforms them for the better.

By being open and accepting we start making a vibrational shift, we start irradiating positive vibes which the universe picks up on and gives back to us. "What you give you get" they say… so what do you want to get more of?

Love, and keep dreaming
Lucia x