What I've learnt Scuba Diving

As we are in the hight of the Summer, and as I love this time of the year!, (being Spanish you would see why summer is a huge part of my life!) I kept on thinking about the good old days in the sun, practicing one of the hobbies I love the most - Scuba Diving!

Now, the sun has always been a huge part of my life, represents not only light but energy. Makes me happy and come to life! 

That doesn’t mean I’m a miserable person during winter times, it just means that I am aware of what affects my mood and energy levels and soaking up all the daylight I can definitely has a positive one! 

I have learned to ride the waves (not literally!) and make the most out of every situation, or weather ;) and this also means having a deeper understanding of myself and what helps me be a better individual. 

Part of our personal development and life journey is practicing things that help us get there. In my case, I found that to be true when practicing scuba diving! I have loved this sport for many years and practice it whenever I have he chance. 

Why am I talking to you about Scuba Diving? I hear you ask, well, because everything we do in life has an effect in our lives. Every step we take, every choice we make counts, and I want you to be aware of the things you do and choose so you can pick them to work in your favour. nurture your mind and soul as well as entertain and have fun!

Scuba diving helps me better understand myself but also others: when you’re 30m down the water you become aware of the part you play in life. You’re surrounded by litres and litres of that salty water, feeling both completely in control of your every move and completely at the mercy of that giant ocean. 

You also learn a lot about human behaviour: under water you have no way of talking to each other, the only way you can communicate is by gestures or looking into each other eyes. And that is a pretty powerful experience!

You become aware of how “insignificant” a language is, because we all speak the language of LOVE. 

I have also learned to fully TRUST. Under water there are no roads, signs or “come this way” signals. I am also no expert so I had to learn to trust somebody else to guide me. To follow their advice, steps, and trust they knew what and how to do it. 

And I have also learned to have FUN! Scuba diving is a deeply humbling experience, but also is one of the most fun ones! Quoting Sebastian form the Little Mermaid “under the sea” you get to se all those wonderful magnificent creatures, swimming away, doing their thing and allowing you to be part of their world. Which is both a stunning and gratifying experience. 

It also helps that I had shared these with amazing scuba buddies - which is another thing I learned: things are way better when you share them! 

So, go ahead my lovelies and find your scuba diving equivalent! Find that thing that you like and brings the best out of you, and share it!!

Love, and keep dreaming, 

Lucia x