What motherhood has taught me

Happy Mother's Day to all mums!!!

I am not going to lie, it’s not all bed and roses …. Starting off with pregnancy, which in my case (twice!), was a right f****r (excuse my language).
It’s hard, it’s probably one of the toughest jobs on Earth, but it’s also – and by far – the most rewarding.

Motherhood has taught me that there’s more to expect of every day, that every single little thing can make a difference, like watching your children being amazed by the sound and lights of the thunders and then make you think that, hell yeah, it really is a wonderful spectacle to attend.
That no matter how tired I think I am, how lost I was or how many times I thought I didn’t know what to do…. there’s always one more go, one more step to take, one more way to push forward... And you do, and you succeed, and a smiley face welcomes you, or a hug, or a kiss.

Lying in bed at the end of the day, looking back and being forgiving, knowing that I’ve done my very best. Yes, I may be far from perfect, or maybe I am as perfect as I need to be.  I went there, I stood in the arena and I fought as best as I knew. And I am ready to step up for the challenge again, not only ready, but willing, welcoming every day with a smile.

And then you really understand, you get what all this is about: LOVE

Because that is the best and most important thing motherhood has taught me: to love with no limits, to understand each other and be patient, to not judge and to really acknowledge, with every single bit of your heart and soul, what others do, the effort they make and what they achieve. And to do it without expecting anything in return, knowing you’re the happiest because that moment, that person, that smile just happened, and it was pure perfection.

When you don’t expect anything in return, you love freely, and that is utterly liberating.

To love, to give in, to appreciate the little things, to be aware and receptive, to challenge yourself, to push your believes, to try and fail…. To live.

Love, and keep dreaming
Lucia x