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I am passionate about marketing, I love every bit of it, and I have been exercising it for the past 15+ years of my life.

The one thing I have realised when working with small businesses, entrepreneurs or start-ups is the fear of marketing itself. Feeling it’s all too overwhelming or daunting and not knowing where to even begin. And I am very pleased I can help break this fear down for you.

I specialise in transformational marketing or marketing with soul, where I combine coaching tools with my 15-year marketing career experience to help you find your own voice and efficiently connect with your ideal client.

In a time where there is lot of noise I help you stand out of the crowd, by connecting your business and your values with your client needs and desires.

I can help you with individual projects, brand / business consultancy, strategy development & implementation… One thing you should know is that I am not a regular marketing consultant, I don’t come in and do the job for you. I sit with you, I understand who you are and what your business means to you and then I help you understand and ideate what sort of marketing strategy you need to achieve the goals you’ve set.

Here are some of the things I can do for you:

  • Create your marketing strategy: working jointly to produce your business marketing plan.
  • Create or re-conduct your branding: understanding your business, your own persona and your values to create a business identity true to yourself and relevant for your core target.
  • Master your niche: identify your niche, define and set the groundworks to address your ideal clients.
  • Help you select your best marketing platforms to achieve most efficient results.
  • Create Compelling Storytelling: craft your copy and help you set your tone to deliver world class advertising.
  • Craft your message: help you find your own voice to connect, meaningfully, with your ideal client and stand out from the crowd.

If you’re interested in working with me, get in touch and let’s have a conversation, after all, your business transformation is just one phone call away.

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